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Physical Therapy Hamstring stretch
Lofstrand Crutch
Manual Wheelchair

Physical Therapy

With an extensive skill set in both orthopedic and neurological patient management, we help our patients achieve their goals. Through manual therapy to minimize contractures, strength training to improve performance, gait training to prevent falls, or neuromuscular re-education to improve balance, we will identify and target what needs to be addressed.

Occupational Therapy

We recognize that fine motor control is crucial for day-to-day life and work. Through therapeutic training to improve daily activities and the use of specialized equipment, what once was difficult will become more easily achievable. 

Durable Medical Equipment

Our therapists are experienced in custom wheelchair modification and orthotic fabrication and will assist our patients in receiving and fitting of specialized equipment. We work closely with local vendors and can connect you with the right equipment specialist and we will work with you in your home and community to ensure that you integrate smoothly into every day life with your assistive technology. No need is too small!

Stair Lift
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Home modifications

Have questions about ramps, mechanical lifts, or mattresses? With any issues that our patients have with their environment, we are happy to assist staff and family in picking out the best choice to meet their needs.

Caregiver Education

As part of a complete patient care model, educating caregivers is crucial for continuity of care as well as safety. By providing on the spot education and supplemental educational material, we will assist residential staff, day program staff or family in making sure they understand safe measures when working with our patients.


Our line of work requires cooperation, hard work, and respect. It's hard to check all of these boxes when you aren't also enjoying yourself! See our Testimonials page to hear about all of the positive experiences!

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