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IPSIDD (Independent Practitioner Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities)

The best care, wherever you need it

IPSIDD certified clinicians are New York State licensed clinicians approved by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to provide independent care for adults with developmental disabilities.

People who are determined by OPWDD to have a developmental disability as defined in MHL 1.03(22), and people who are not enrolled at a facility or program that includes provision of the clinical services of OT, PT, SLP, psychology or social work as part of its service model are eligible to receive IPSIDD services. 

IPSIDD services can be delivered in the following locations: 

  • IRAs, CRs or Family Care homes certified by OPWDD, or private residences

  • Certified day habilitation, pre-vocational and day training facilities

  • Community settings as deemed appropriate by the clinician, including community settings where OPWDD services may occur, or

  • Clinician’s private offices

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